• Tammy Ogden


I challenge you to find any female on the planet regardless of age, culture or economic status who doesn’t long to be beautiful.  I’ve watched it up front and personal from the beaches of Haiti to the mountains of El Salvador to the basin of the Amazon jungle, girls just want to be pretty!  We were made to shine and nothing makes us feel more like a princess than being all dolled up, primped and pampered to the tilt.

One might ask why we have over a hundred formal dresses safely stored at the Hope House.  Or why a team of women armed with hairspray, bobby pins, nail polish, glittery jewelry and high heels would travel from Northern Kentucky all the way to Sucúa, Ecuador.  I will tell you why, because forty-one young girls were meant to shine, and shine they did!

It was a week of haircuts, manicures, pedicures, and facials.  Seven women along with the Hope House staff and the Jungle Missionary Team worked tirelessly to give these precious daughters of the Lord an evening to remember.   

All the preparations led to one grand event, a formal ball.  Each girl, dressed in a formal gown of her choosing, with hair and make-up professionally done was announced and escorted in by one of our JMT guys.  Cameras were flashing left and right as each princess entered.