• Tammy Ogden

His Purpose

Updated: May 7, 2018

The other day I was thinking of someone I know and love who has been rescued from a life of sin. In my prayer I asked, “God show him his purpose. I know you saved him for a reason.” I don’t hear the Lord’s voice a lot. I am not one of those Christians blessed with audible voice experiences, but occasionally He will speak and I am left in awe. This was one of those moments when He whispered and rocked my world. His response to my prayer was this: “I saved him..... because I love him.”

No ulterior motive. No cause for the greater good. No purpose for a world wide ministry.

Pure and simple. We are saved by the grace of God because He loves us. Not by works and not for works. We can do nothing to make him love us more or less. He simply wants us. I can’t earn his love or repay it. I can only accept it and out of a grateful heart, share it.