• Tammy Ogden


It really isn’t about the pancake as much as it is about the love.

If you aren’t careful life can become rather mundane.  We get up in the morning.  We get dressed for the day.  We go to work or school.  We come home.  We do our evening chores.  We go to bed.  We get up and do it again.  The drum beat of life fades to nothing more than an annoying drip. Blah...blah...blah.

Something simple to look forward to, like a special treat can get you through the week.  We all need these little breaks in routine to keep us mentally healthy. For this reason at the Hope House we have clubs for the girls every Friday.  They learn music, have piano lessons, art classes, and most recently soccer camp.  We spontaneously take them out for ice cream after church.  When the fair is in town we divide into four or five groups and hit the rides.  We have Princess Week that ends with a formal ball.  And occasionally the missionary staff show up at the crack of dawn and flip pancakes, just because......